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About Us

Our Family
Our Family, including Samson as a pup

Scenic Ridge Labradors was founded in the spring of 2004 by my 2 older sons, my daughter and me. My daughter, Helena, husband, Bob, and I remain commited and very involved. We began with 1 yellow and 1 black female puppy and 1 yellow male, Beau, whom we purchased at 6 months of age. Within a year, we had an opportunity to purchase a yellow and a chocolate female, who were 2 years old. This was our foundation Labrador breeding program. Although Beau is retired now, his great genetics and bloodline remain in our breeding program.  Maya and Bonnie Jo are his daughters, and Rolo is a granddaughter.  Lola, our original chocolate female, has since passed, but we have carried on her genes in several of her fabulous offspring.  Bailey, Suga, Maya, Bobbi, Bonnie Jo, and Rolo are her daughter, grand daughters and great-grand daughters providing us with top quality, good looking, smart, easily trainable, calm Lab puppies.  Dutchess and Charlai are both Samson daughters.  Our newest sire, Boomer, is a Bella x Gunner son, a nephew of our beloved Remington, whom we lost in a freak accident in 2010.  He will remain forever in our hearts.

We are licensed as hobby breeders in the state of Missouri and currently have 10 breeding bitches--4 chocolates, 3 yellows, and 3 blacks; and 5 males--2 yellows and 3 chocolates. We normally get a fairly even mixture of colors(black, yellow and chocolate) throughout the year, depending on which females we breed to which males. Within the yellows, we have been getting quite a variety of colors, from an almost white to a deep, beautiful red color. Our Labs are all the English, blocky style. The chocolate females average about 65-75 lbs, with the males maturing at around 85-100 lbs. The yellows tend to run approximately 10-15 lbs. heavier than the chocolates when full grown. Our Labs are AKC registered and OFA certified good or excellent for their hips; normal elbows and patellas.  We have had no eye issues or any type of cancers, skin disorders, or other genetic disorders in the Labs we own. 

We offer a 2 year written health guarantee on all of our puppies. They have their dewclaws removed and are permanently tattoed for easy identification. They also receive their 1st shots, as well as a Bordatella intranasal innoculation and a minimum of 4 wormings prior to leaving. 

I came from a farming background. Growing up, I raised and showed registered Angus cattle and Montadale sheep. I graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of MO--Columbia, with minors in Genetics and Nutrition. I also worked for a local veterinarian throughout most of my high school and college years. I absolutely love working with animals, and the Labs have been such a wonderful addition to our family. They have been so much more than pets. We enjoy taking them on walks in the woods and down to the creek, taking turns letting them get off the farm and see some "sites", playing ball and frisbee with them in the backyard, competing with a couple of them in the local dockdog competitions and just going down to the lake for a swim when the weather gets hot.

Our heated and air conditioned whelping/nursery addition was completed in Sept. 2011.  We have been told by many it is "top notch" in the industry.  I know our mommas, babies and we sure enjoy it!  I spend most of my waking hours there.

Visitors are welcome any time. Come see why our Labs are raised with love in the country.


We have also participated in several charity and school dinner auctions since we began. The photo at the right shows Helena and a beautiful yellow female pup at one of the 12 Festival of Trees Gala Balls/Auctions for Easter Seals Autism we've supported.  We are proud to say 12 of our pups (we know of) are in therapy/support dog programs across the U.S., 9 of which are in the Paws for Freedom program in Kansas.  We take our hats off to these caring individuals and proudly support their organizations! 

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